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Boarding in the UK

Bethany Boys Boarding
Boarding Schools in the UK

The practice of sending children to the very best schools to learn and board is an extremely old tradition.

It is in fact referenced in classical literature and in the UK there are records that go back nearly a thousand years.

However  the classic British Boarding School as it is now really became popular during the colonial times of the British Empire.

Naturally the British colonials in far flung corners of the British Empire were keen that their children should receive a British education and thus boarding schools provided the solution, often local rulers in the Empire of high standing would also send their sons which not only gave them a British education but also immersed them in British culture which of course helped the Empire in protecting its interests.

Of course it has changed somewhat since those days but the basic principle remains the same to this day, the standard of education in the boarding schools that we represent is extremely high and the opportunities available to pupils to expand their horizons both culturally and personally. Many pupils will make lifelong friends at boarding schools that will stay with them through life, in a personal context and often progressing into the world of business too.


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