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Our Placement Services - British Boarding Schools
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Our Placement Services

Boarding School Placement Services

At the heart of getting Boarding School placement right for your child is the understanding that the requirements for each student are varied and unique. Each Boarding School that we represent offers something different and we are confident of finding the perfect school for your child.

Our experience in placing students in schools, combined with our relationships with Head Teachers, Registrars and Admissions staff at all of the schools we work with allows us to help you make the right decision.

We only recommend schools that will be of benefit to your child’s education, our reputation depends upon it.

Boarding School Placement – How we work with you

Working with British Boarding Schools is very simple and completely free.

Firstly spend some time browsing our website to get a further understanding of what we do and review some of the schools that we represent on our dedicated pages here.

The next step is to contact us either by Telephone, Skype, Email or using our contact form here which covers all the information we need to start working for you.

Once we have received all the information about your child, their abilities, interests and requirements we will:

  • Recommend schools for your consideration that will meet the needs of your child’s education.
  • Discuss and agree the that your child’s information will be passed on to the schools we have recommended.
  • Confirm that the school has space for your child and that they are willing to organise a visit* to the school for you.
  • We will arrange for all relevant school prospectus and associated materials to be sent to you prior to your visit.
  • We will offer help and advice throughout the important decision making process.
  • We will happily liaise between you and the boarding schools at all times including all visits and application.

*A visit is not always necessary because the boarding schools are prepared to accept a child based on our strong recommendation.

Once a school has been visited, chosen and your child has been accepted (please bear in mind that this is often subject to the completion of entrance examinations) the school will then become your first point of contact as they guide you through their admissions procedure*. However we remain available to help at all times and will ensure that the process runs smoothly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

*Admissions Procedure

Each Boarding school sets its own admissions procedure and there is no set ‘rulebook’ but inevitably there are many similarities.

We have set out the most common requirements for Boarding School Placement below:

Registration Forms:

All schools will require you to complete a registration form (if you wish your child to be considered for entry) and pay a non-refundable fee, generally in the range of £100 to £200.

When to Register / Visits:

You may wish to apply for 2-3 schools simultaneously, however this does mean that you will have to submit registration fees for each school and thus some you will lose as they are non-refundable.

We would always suggest that you do not register unless you have visited the school and determined whether you like it, obviously this is not always possible but schools will try to acquire a registration from a family after first contact.

Entry Tests / Assessment:

A boarding school with a much higher academic focus will require more detailed tests and demand higher scores before the offer of a place is given. From 7 – 11 it is likely that they will be asked to sit tests for English and Maths.

Entry into a Senior Boarding School from the age of 11-13 onward requires tougher tests and will cover more subjects, school reports that all schools will request upon application will also be thoroughly assessed.

Acceptance the offer of a Place at Boarding School

Once your child has been passed the entry requirements of a school, a verbal offer will likely be made followed by a written offer. The offer will have a limited time within which it must be accepted, typically 3-4 weeks at which point the place while not necessarily withdrawn will be available to another student.

Upon acceptance of the offer you will be required to pay a deposit to secure the place. You may even be asked to pay for the first terms fee in full. Students from outside the EU may need a visa to study in the UK. The admissions team and Registrar at the Boarding Schools will be able to assist, each school has Tier 4 Highly Trusted Status which is awarded by the UK Borders Agency.

Once the offer is accepted the Boarding School will guide the new student and their family through the process of joining the school directly.


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