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Boarding school league tables: how helpful are they really?
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What ‘real’ value do League Tables have?

Boarding School League Tables: we have all seen them but how useful are they?

The business of selecting the correct boarding school for your child is one that requires careful consideration and expertise.

A common misconception is that it is enough to look at where a school ranks in the ‘Boarding School league tables’ and conclude the higher they rank the better the school is for your child. However, as with most things in life that would be an oversimplification and the devil is in the detail.

There are many league tables, which one to trust? How do I know its accurate?

Ultimately what really matters is the answer to a couple of very simple questions:

‘Will my child feel comfortable here?’ and ‘Will my child grow and develop well in this environment?’

Of course the school curriculum and facilities are important but they are meaningless if you have an unhappy child.

It stands to reason that a happy contented child will perform far better and achieve more in a school where they are a ‘natural fit’ rather than if they are placed into a school that ‘performs well’ in boarding school league tables.

Coupled with the fact that many leading Boarding Schools are starting to withdraw from league tables because it only shows a very narrow view of what a school can offer, it only further highlights the need for research and help in placing your child.

There are of course other pertinent factors such as cost, distance from major travel hubs and the school’s philosophy to consider. This is when the assistance of an Education Agency is very helpful. So now would be a good time to talk to our Admissions Team.

Our goal is to place your child in the school that best suits them and provides a platform to succeed.


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