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Could this be the football Boarding School of the Future?
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Football Boarding School of the Future?

Whilst reading up on the worldwide developments in Boarding Schools I came across this incredible article on a football Boarding School in China.

‘Chinese football will never be the same again’:http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/  – Source: South China Morning Post – Author: Mimi Lau.

Feel free to read the article in full but to summarise:

  • The Evergrande Football School – based in rural Qingyuan of the Guangdong Province
  • Caters for 2,800 students aged 9 to 16
  • 67.5 Hectare campus including a staggering 50 football pitches
  • Chinese government aiming to produce one of world’s strongest football teams by 2050
  • One of Asia’s best football teams by 2030
  • To have 50 million soccer players by 2020

These are staggering numbers and a huge statement of intent to dominate the International football stage in the near future. Is this huge football Boarding School the answer to ending China’s perceived under performance?

Of course it is far too early to tell whether this venture will prove successful but it certainly highlights a differing approach to education and achievement in China and the United Kingdom. Given China’s success in athletics and swimming for example they will not be underestimated.

In the UK there is the professional club academy system that feeds directly into the clubs themselves. There are also football Boarding School Academy’s that are run independently and have relationships with professional clubs.

Our Football Boarding School Academy’s

Especially relevant is the work of two of these football Boarding School’s that we are privileged to know and represent.

Buckswood School has a long running Football Academy that has strong links with Chelsea FC and recently had a player signed professionally.

Claremont School has a newly added Football Academy, headed by Jim Colston who has more than 20 years experience in football coaching and more than 10 as an Academy Director. As a result I am due to visit and report on the Academy in September so consequently another blog post will be forthcoming!

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