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Family benefits from boarding school in England, we ask how.
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How Boarding School can benefit family happiness.


From time to time we read some negative articles about the Boarding School experience in the media. However we know these are in the minority and so we wanted to highlight how a whole family benefits from Boarding School.

Negative reports come from an older generation who have long since left Boarding School and cannot know how much it has changed. A child is now no longer ‘broken down’ and ‘made to conform’ but instead they are nurtured and the focus is on building the child up and accentuating their strengths.

Whilst not every child enjoys their time at Boarding School, we believe that the vast majority do.

Family Benefits from Boarding School

One aspect that is often overlooked is how the entire family benefits from boarding school. The decision to send your child to a boarding school is an important one and impacts the whole family. Therefore any positive and indeed negative experiences have effects on the family.

Certainly the children are far from ‘abandoned’ at a Boarding School as is perceived. With the advance of technology and increased support from staff, children are in constant contact with their parents. This improved communication also extends to between teachers and parents who can work together for the benefit of the child. In fact this environment improves the relationship between parent and child, improving understanding.

A child studying with such support will find it easier to achieve and  feel secure at Boarding School. As a result, the security and support is the foundation upon which excellence in their studies is built.

Furthermore Boarding School brings in important disciplines and the enforcement of social and school rules that means when they return home, these practices and behaviours are instilled. Consequently the relationship with the parents is more positive and relaxed.

This level of pastoral care and support, enables the typically difficult ‘adolescence’ to be navigated far more smoothly. The child can only feel more ‘looked after’ with the joint work and of the parents and school.

Another aspect so often overlooked is the enduring friendships made during this time that bond students together. The development of these friendships and wider social experience promote a maturity that allows for more considerate children.

Ultimately there are few down sides in attending a well run and caring Boarding School that has your child’s best interests at heart. The development of strong, independent and well educated young adults can only benefit the family unit.



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