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BBS Summer Schools England

Enjoy a fantastic Summer School boarding experience

Our Summer Schools England experience is perfect for your child to get a taste of a British Boarding School.

It’s easy to see why kids and teens would want to spend their summer at one of the best Summer Schools England has to offer. It’s an experience of a lifetime that offers more than meets the eye! Of course our English lessons are extremely important but so too is the thrill of trying new activities and visiting new places. The friendships that are made make it such a special experience for our students.

We take pride in helping to shape the lives of our students and, by encouraging confidence through experience, we allow them to challenge themselves through excitement and adventure as well as developing social and life skills in a happy and pleasant environment.

Summer Schools England is not only about experiencing new things and shaping lives, it is also about having lots of fun and being able to take your stories home to share with your friends and family. Our campus is an amazing place, full of life, activities and energy!


Summer Schools England


Spring Course: 2nd to 22nd April 2017

Summer Course: 2nd July to 19th August 2017

Our courses, for students aged 8 to 17, are designed to get the most out of our students both socially and academically. With 20 hours of English per week, our academic programme will push you to work hard at improving your English in the mornings while our fabulous Activity and Excursion Programme will offer you the opportunity to play hard in the afternoons and evenings!

Our courses offer you the chance to get the most out of your time with us and to develop as a person. Not only will you have lots of fun, improve your English, see wonderful places and make lots of great new friends, you will really broaden your mind, grow in confidence and learn to become independent.

Summer Schools England Academic Programme

A learner centred approach and the content of our Academic Programme is carefully prepared by our Academic Team on the basis of each students’ individual assessment and needs. All of our classrooms are equipped with smart boards and with a maximum class size of 15 and levels ranging from beginner to proficiency.

Our course is planned so that a sensible balance between academic and non-academic activities is maintained. We like to educate our students, but also to keep them motivated and never bored.

The objective of our Academic Programme is to strengthen and improve our students’ English by consolidating what knowledge they may already have of the language. The outcome will then be the opportunity to take the Trinity College Spoken English Exam, which all students will take on the last day of their stay (minimum stay 2 weeks).

The Trinity College Spoken English Exams are well suited to summer schools as they give direction to short courses and provide an outcome to the course. Everyone can be successful at their own level and all students who pass will go home with an internationally recognised certificate and a feeling of accomplishment as well as making your teacher and parents happy!

A Slice of Britain

Our ‘A Slice of Britain’ lessons allow our students to develop knowledge of British culture, traditions and customs as well as improving their language skills. We encourage discussion and participation in these interactive lessons and use practical means wherever possible, for example, cooking and eating British food, making their very own British-style movie and by participating in English customs during their lessons. Therefore, our students will not only improve their English whilst learning about Britain, they will also experience and participate in British customs and traditions first-hand!

Activity and Excursion Programme

Our Activity and Excursion Programme for 2017 involves learning through participation and a lot of fun!

The programme is carefully planned to ensure that no moment passes without learning and that every minute is packed with fun.

Our programme consists of two full day excursions (Wednesday and Sunday) and two half day excursions (Tuesday and Saturday) per week visiting places such as London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury and more.

When we don’t have excursions we have a full range of onsite activities in the afternoon including sports, arts and crafts, drama and music as well as exciting activities every evening that involve all students together as they compete in a variety of challenges and shows. Think music, mess and mayhem!

With our own fleet of coaches and minibuses, we are able to be flexible when the British weather changes our plans without asking us!

English Summer Schools

Woodland Activity Centre

We do not offer WiFi 24/7 so put down your iPad’s and mobile phones and take a walk up the road to Woodland Activity Centre.

The Woodland Activity Centre will satisfy your thirst for adventure, challenging you to discover the adventurer within. Every adventure starts with one step and whether you dream of climbing Mount Everest or swimming across the English Channel, Woodland Activity Centre can be that step.

Following our belief that true learning comes from “face-to-face” interaction rather than “Facebook” interaction, the Woodland Activity Centre takes the next step in offering you the opportunity to achieve and develop your confidence and self-esteem. From shelter building to paint-balling, every activity has been designed by educational adventure experts who know how to push you to your limits through hands-on learning experiences in a challenging but safe environment.


The campus is  Eco-friendly where each student is encouraged to learn and to understand the importance of the living environment.

It has recently undergone an “eco-makeover”. We have installed biomass boilers which allow us to reduce our carbon footprint. We have also installed solar panels around the campus so much of the energy now comes from the summer sun.


Our chefs are passionate and skilled, serving our meals in our family- style dining room.

We hold the ‘Food for Life’ certificate which was awarded to our chefs for cooking healthy, fresh meals from locally sourced products.

Our chefs are always around and can cater for any dietary requirements.

Health and Safety

Our nurse is on call throughout the week in our own onsite surgery to arrange any necessary health care for students.

Furthermore, each member of staff is First Aid and Child Protection trained and the local hospital is 10 minutes away.

English language summer schools

Our House System

We have several smaller families who together make up our House System. Each house has a House Tutor who will welcome students and provide them everything they need during their stay. Our House Tutors will be our students’ first point of contact and the person they should turn to for advice or assistance. Students may also speak to any member of staff who all live onsite to provide full time care and attention.

Our House System provides students with a “home-from-home” environment that will help them to learn and grow as individuals. Everything that our students do is a valuable life lesson that will help them to develop under the close mentorship of our House Tutors.

The comradeship and sense of belonging that grows within our House System naturally encourages our students to work together with each other, to do their best and to succeed with pride in all that they do.

Each house is unique and offer single, twin, triple or quadruple rooms. The majority of which are en-suite and each room has a bed, a desk, a chair, a wardrobe and drawers.

A Typical Day

  • 07:45 Good morning everyone! It’s time to wake up! Make your bed and have a shower!
  • 08:00 Room inspections! My room is the best! I will win the house points today!
  • 08:15 It’s time for breakfast! I’m starving!
  • 09:00 Assembly! Time for fun! I can’t be late or I’ll have to dance!
  • 09:30 English lessons! Have I got my student folder and my pen?
  • 11:00 Break time!Juice, tea, coffee, biscuits, fruit! Delicious!
  • 11:30 English lessons! I want to be first back to class!
  • 13:00 Lunch time. I wonder what’s on the menu today?
  • 13:45 A Slice of Britain! Is this really a lesson!? It’s so much fun!
  • 15:00 Afternoon activities. What are we doing today? Where am I going?
  • 19:00 Dinner time. I’m looking forward to dinner. After a busy afternoon I’m so hungry!
  • 20:00 Evening activity! I love activities! I can be with all of my friends and have lots of fun!
  • 21:30 Hot chocolate time! When I say hot, you say chocolate! HOT!CHOCOLATE!
  • 22:00 House meeting! I love being with my house-mates. Our house is the best!
  • 22:30 Goodnight everyone! Bedtime!

What is included?

  • 20 hours of English per week
  • Trinity College Spoken English Exam (98% pass rate in 2016)
  • Two full day and two half day excursions per week
  • All museum and attraction entrance fees
  • Full afternoon and evening activity programme
  • All course materials
  • Full board accommodation
  • Student travel insurance
  • Laundry service
  • Wristband, Drinks bottle, Student folder, Student diary and Student t-shirt


Our Half Term Course is £695 per week

Our Summer School Course is £850 per week

UK Summer Schools

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